Lorna made a relapse with her cancer and need 2 million for another BMT.

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Phone: +230 59099219/58411369

28th May 2022, Lorna is suffering from spine issue which were detected after an MRI. An surgery is planned for her to calm down her painful situation and to pursuit her treatment correctly. An official statement has been sent to us on her actual state, medically and financially. (Please find the report below).

On Monday 16th May, we received the confirmation from Lorna’s Doctor that her first Bone Marrow Transplant didn’t worked and Lorna state has become critical and need another BMT in urgent in the coming days for a life saving procedure. This will cost about Rs 1,500,000 and on the first BMT, we owed about Rs 500,000. Find the official documents below.

We need your support to save Lorna. Thanks.

Case presentation HERE.

Mother Video:


(Please noted that we have already paid $10,000 on this report)
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