Muditya 4 years old, has a brain tumor.

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No government subsidy is provided!

It is always very difficult to know that your child has cancer, but that is the real reality of Muditya parents. Muditya, 4, was in a public hospital when they found out he had a brain tumor. Dr Boodhoo operated on it and was able to remove most or 90% of the tumor and 10% was left because of a sensitive and important place that cannot be touched.

To remove the remaining 10% of his brain tumor, Muditya will have to travel to India to have it removed with radiation and chemotherapy.

His parents are teachers and according to the salary policy of the government subsidy, they are not eligible. Therefore, the full cost of treating their son will depend on themselves and it seems impossible for them because time is limited.

Financially out of a total cost of Rs 623,128 MAU, parents have the opportunity to contribute a sum of Rs 250,000, so Muditya and his family are counting on your generosity and your prayers to find Rs 373,128 and save the life of their child.

Please Muditya needs you





Rs 413,128


Rs 100,000

Accomodation  x 2 months

Rs 90,000

Cost of Promotion

Rs 20,000


Rs 623,128

Parents Contribution

Rs 250,000

Total Necessary

Rs 373,128


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