Armaan 3yrs, born without anus, will need an additional surgery to get to normal. Please Rs 76,250 will be needed.

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Please donate to Armaan : [MCB] 000449513955 – Enn Rev Enn Sourir
IBAN : MU06MCBL0944000449513987000MUR
Code Swift : MCBLMUMU
Phone: +230 59099219/58411369

Arman was born without anus at birth. A very serious pediatric malformation. The child with support of Enn Rev Enn Sourir had successfully recevied his very surgery in clinic. Now he need a second surgery according to his treatment plan to be able to live a normal life like every children of his age. Please he needs your support to complete his treatment that will cost Rs 76,250. Please find below his medical report and cost estimate.