Camélia 12yrs suffers from a cancer – Desmoplastic small round cell tumor. Rs 1,606,912 will be needed for her treatment.

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Telephone: +230 59099219/58411369

Camélia 12yrs is suffering from a cancer tumor, desmoplastic small round cell tumor. Before leaving Mauritius, her state were critical and once arriving in hands of pediatric oncology experts, Camelia was treated and the time actual she is better. On that the parent, doctor and us we decided to keep the child with the specialised team for the best of the patient.

Desmoplastic small cell tumor (DSCT) is an aggressive tissue cancer that affects the serosa of the abdominopelvic peritoneum, spreads to the omentum and lymph nodes, and spreads hematogenously mainly to the liver. An exceptional primary extra-serous localization has been reported. (Source)

Financially we will need a estimate amount of Rs 1,606,912.
Please noted that we have made a request a new medical plan for Camélia and it will be published as soon we received it from the clinic. The fund presented is an estimated amount of recent cases.

Please Camélia counts on your generosity and prayer.
Find the latest report below.

Update 02/11/2022: Please note that we have an outstanding amount of Rs – 722,029. (Find below the outstanding bill).

Details   Amount 
Estimate cost  Rs 1,471,912.
Accommodation for 3 months  Rs 135,000
Total Funds Needed Rs 1,606,912

Outstanding bill report (02/11/22)

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