Miraculously born with a fragile heart

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Born on 02/20/20, in her very first minutes of her life, doctors had condemned her to live only 2 more days because of her heart defect. Blessing didn’t want to give up so easily, the fighter had proved everyone wrong and after 2 months she was still alive.

It was at this point that his case was referred to the heart center in the north of the island. Her doctor, Dr Ramdhany, sent her immediately to India for urgent surgery last year, but once again when she came under the responsibility of the Indian Pediatric Cardiology Team, the big problem took hold. gone to a minor problem. The doctors after consultation, decided to plan his surgery this year.

Financially, Blessing’s treatment will be provided by the Government’s Abroad Treatment Program. Despite this, her family after a financial assessment, is eligible to benefit in large part from our services and that of yours.

Blessing will need support of Rs 90,000 for accommodation in India for a month.

Study the table below for detailed information.

Congenital heart disease

Congenital heart defects are structural problems of the heart that are present at birth. These faults may concern:

The inner walls of the heart

The valves inside the heart

The arteries and veins that carry blood to the heart or to the body


Congenital heart defects affect the normal blood flow in the heart.There are many types of congenital heart defects. They range from simple blemishes without symptoms to complex blemishes with serious and potentially fatal symptoms. Congenital heart defects are the most common type of birth defect. They affect 8 in 1,000 newborns. Each year, more than 35,000 babies in the United States are born with congenital heart defects.


Learn more about Congenital Heart Disease on YouTube

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