13-year-old Lorna wants to live despite her cancer.

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She is only 13 years old and she has all her life ahead of her, but she still has to overcome her cancer. As everyone was preparing for the holiday season last December, she and her family learned of the diagnosis. Being this age, an adult child faces all moral and medical problems at the same time. She is also aware that it will be difficult for her parents to find the money for her treatment, which doubles her pain to successfully beat her cancer.

Her condition is currently very critical, she cannot walk and she will need to have a week of special treatment before the flight to India most likely on February 19 depending on flight availability.

The estimated cost of the treatment is Rs 1,546,350 and Lorna is counting on your support.


Details Amount
Parental contribution Rs50,000
Treatment Rs 1,188,950
Pocket Money

x 6 months

Rs 60,000

x 6 months

Rs 270,000
Promotion Rs 77,400
Total 1,596,350
Necessary funds 1,546,350

Supporting documents:

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