Our aim is to allow all children to have access to the best treatment possible.

We are a registered NGO association since 2017. Young, yet we stand with a clear vision and objectives to help children in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean, gain, quality access to paediatric healthcare, locally or abroad. Our mission is to raise funds to cater to the treatments so that they do not bear that heavy financial burden.

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Enn Rev Enn Sourir assists sick children by providing access to high-quality pediatric treatment. In order to provide this med

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We’ve raised more than 15 Million Mauritian Rupees and helped 100 children in the Indian Ocean.

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Mauritius Open Air Festival UK – Official Charity Partner.

May 22, 2022

We are pleased to announce you our officialisation as charity partner with biggest Mauritian’s festival worldwide. Enn Rev Enn Sourir […]

Lorna made a relapse with her cancer and need 2 million for another BMT.

May 17, 2022

Donate: MCB 000446714739 IBAN : MU26MCBL0944000446714739000MUR Code Swift : MCBLMUMU Phone: +230 59099219/58411369 On Monday 16th May, we received the […]

Al-Ali suffers from a severe Kidney malformation.(Treatment cost RS 150,000)

May 1, 2022

Donate for Al Ali: MCB 000445241977 – Enn Rev Enn Sourir Phone: 59099219 Email: 1rev1sourir@gmail.com Al Ali 7yrs has a […]